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Featured Snippets: How to Rank and Track

Do you have a page that’s stuck in the purgatory of lower level search results? How much would you pay to skip the line and become number one? What if you didn’t have to pay anything? Meet featured snippets. Also known as “rich answers” or “direct answers,” featured snippets are bits of your text that […]

How to Link Build from Lost or Broken Links

If you’ve ever been to the beach, you may have seen old men in bucket hats waving metal detectors over seas of sand, hoping for an inordinate line of beeping to suddenly become static. It’s not much different if you’re trying to link build by claiming broken links. You scour through websites and look for […]

9 Facts That Show Videos Are Getting More Prominent in the SERPs

All over the web, video has become the most appetizing content. Don’t believe us? Consider this data: 55% people watch videos online every single day. YouTube alone counts 1 billion hours of daily video content consumption worldwide. Think how many billions of more video hours are consumed at NetFlix, Vimeo and other video hosting sites. […]

10 Things You Should Know About Facebook Instant Articles

If you (as a blogger) think that ‘Facebook Instant Articles’ could be the straw that finally breaks your blogging business’ back, think again. For every 100 sites that think Instant Articles is not worth 2 cents, there are 1000+ out there that have gone ‘all-in.’ Thanks to the dual benefit the platform offers: One, it […]

How Facebook Instant Articles Can Win Back Publishers

With their strong focus on user experience, Facebook and Google have frequently talked about how consumers don’t like slow-loading pages, especially on mobile. As a result, both companies changed their algorithms to favor fast pages in their feeds and search results. It was somewhat of a relief for publishers, then, when both Facebook and Google […]