General FAQ:

How to place an order?

On the homepage scroll down a bit, where you can find various types of traffic packages to select from. First Select the quantity of visitors you need. Then select the Geo Location if you want your traffic from a specific country or region. Then select the niche/category of your website/blog. You can also select the delivery speed, which refers to the duration during which you want your traffic to be delivered. Then enter your website URL where you want your traffic to be delivered. Plz make sure that you have entered correct url. Traffic Heal team will not be responsible for any typo error made during ordering process. If you entered anything wrong you can mail us immediately with the correct information using the Contact Us form. We will rectify the error if your campaign has not started. Finally review your order before submitting and then submit the order. Make your payment through Paypal secure payment gateway. Once you place the order successfully, just sit back and relax. We’ll take it from here.

I just placed an order. What’s next?

Once a order is received, our team will review the order and check for compliance. Once it is approved, we’ll set up your campaign and your cPanel and email you the log in details. You can log in to monitor your campaign progress and make any changes if require through the cPanel. You will also be informed once the campaign comes to an end.

In case of any issue with your campaign our team will immediately contact you via email to the email id that you provided in your order.

While ordering make sure that you enter your website url and your email ID correctly.

For any specific request plz use the Contact Us Form.

Do you prevent adfoc.us or adf.ly links in your network?

The short answer is no. These websites are advertising networks that alternate various types of content through their links. Because of our inability to determine what specific sites are being passed through our network we have chose not to accept them at this time. There have been many instances in the past where these networks were passing viruses and malicious software to our network to our publishers users. in addition these networks violate our frame breaking terms.
What methods do you recommend for tracking?

Our servers track visitors in real time as they pass through our network. Each time a visitor lands on your website for more than 20 seconds we count this as 1 visitor and deduct it from your account.

One method we highly recommend is to use a Goo.gl redirect. You would enter the customers link into Goo.gl, and when Goo.gl gave you your unique redirect link, you would enter that into the system. This allows you to view a common 3rd party report showing numbers. If a you order 5000 visitors and Goo.gl shows 4000 visitors we will make up the difference until Goo.gl reflects exactly what the customer has purchased. Since Goo.gl is so reliable if an advertisers site is down or overloaded, this can be proof that the traffic was delivered between our servers and Goo.gl but the decay was a direct result of the advertisers site, which we are not be responsible for. Plz note that, if you wish to use your goo.gl url for tracking, plz use that while ordering. Once a campaign is activated and running, it’s not advisable to change the url to goo.gl url. We can change it but the change will again go through the review process.

Should you choose not to use the above recommended methods, we advise you to use some type of image based statcounter. This would be such counters as those provided by statcounter.com and hitstats.com


Everyone automatically assumes because it is Google, it is good. GA is one of the worst tracking systems developed for tracking redirect traffic. Time and time again this tracking simply causes problems with any type of redirect traffic. The main reason being that Analytics can not read 3rd party cookies, this makes it impossible to read a cookie set through our redirect and tracking scripts which make the user invisible to GA. For this reason, we strongly advise you not to use GA for tracking.

Where Do You Get Your Cheap Traffic?

Thanks to our network of websites and domain names, TrafficHeal.com produces millions of targeted visitors every day. Our traffic is targeted by using websites and
domain names in many niches which you can choose from. We deliver traffic from the sites that match the niche you select when ordering. We only use real traffic, we
don’t use any spam techniques, bots, or paid to click (PTC) traffic.

Will I Be Waiting Long To Get The Web Site Visitors?

Not at all! After you order, our friendly support team will set up your campaign / c-panel for you and then send an email with your login information. Your campaign
will go in to the queue and once reviewed for approval by our talented technical team, your traffic will begin. Most website traffic campaigns are up and running within 24 hours. Note that orders placed on weekend will be activated on Monday.

Are These Visitors Being Sent Unique?

Our web site traffic is filtered to be unique per 24 hours.
For new websites and websites with low traffic volumes, our targeted visitors will have an impact on your Alexa ranking. However, we recommend our Alexa traffic for a large impact on your ranking. Our traffic could also increase your page rank and search engine ranks, but we cannot guarantee it will.
Is Your Traffic Adsense Safe?

Google provides a detailed list of instances that are not accepted by the AdSense program. According to Google’s TOS our service is in 100% compliance with their TOS and therefor deemed to be AdSense safe.

Will Your Traffic Convert?

Some clients report our traffic converts, however, we have no control over a visitor’s behavior so cannot guarantee conversions. Many factors including niche, website quality, GEO target, etc determine if a visitor converts. Compared to keyword targeting, niche targeting is broader, but also much cheaper so a high conversion rate isn’t required to turn a profit, so buying traffic is a win-win situation.
Web Traffic:

What is Geo Targeted Traffic?

Geotargeting allows us to target users from a specific country of origin. While we can target most countries, the volume for specialized country is very little except USA, UK, and Canada. Currently over 80% of our network is US Based. 10% Canada, 6% UK 2% Australia, and the rest is made up of other countries.

How Do You Deliver Your Web Traffic?

Our best in the industry network owns and operates many well-known internet websites. Our current portfolio consist of over 10000 websites internet wide, including couple of established search engines, 2 internet service providers, movie sites, social networking sites, online gaming sites, and a well known domain registrar which currently hosts over 9700 ad supported websites (expired domain traffic). Our network currently consists of 60% pop-under traffic, 30% interstitial traffic and 10% expired domain traffic.

Are Sound / Auto Playing Videos Allowed?

Yes, we can deliver this traffic to websites with autoplay videos and sound without restrictions. While we welcome sound ads, we can not guarantee volumes for sound related ads. Many companies that serve ads with us simply do not want their visitors to be annoyed with sound. For this reason most campaigns will run slow. At times if you have a very non mainstream country site such as Iran, sound ads may not run at all.

Are Popups / Javascript Prompts Allowed?

No, we do not allow them.

Can I add multiple geo-targets?

You can not add multiple geo-targets to one order. You may add multiple orders for one account, that will cover multiple geo targets however.

Alexa Traffic

What is Alexa Traffic?

Alexa traffic is traffic specifically designed to help an individual user increase their traffic ranking with Alexa.com over a period of time. Each visitor delivered through this methods has the alexa toolbar installed on their computer allowing each visitor to count in the Alexa system and helping to raise the ranking for the promoted site. An average promotion can take up to a few weeks before showing any signs of increased rank. This largely depends on the users current Alexa ranking.

How Do You Deliver Your Alexa Traffic?

We load our clients’ websites in a full page pop-under. The visitors who load the pop-under are filtered so they all have the Alexa toolbar installed.

Should I Certify My Site First?

While you do not need to certify your site with Alexa, doing so will help you track the campaign progress.

Do You Guarantee Ranking Improvement?

Alexa ranks depend on many different factors. First it is advised that before starting any Alexa service that you insure your site is already indexed by the program and given a basic rank. Since Alexa ranks are based on 3 month averages, your site may see less increase if it is not at least 3 months old. Alexa averages are also based on page views, backlinks and organic traffic from search engines. Sending 10,000 visitors per day to a site without taking any steps to insure other requirements have been made, may not cause any difference in your rank. We can not guarantee, speculate or provide estimates for any rank in conjunction with use of our Alexa traffic. We do guarantee that each visitor to the Alexa site will have the toolbar installed and be from the country of the requested geotarget. We can not guarantee or offer any insight into anything beyond this.

Is Alexa Traffic Slower Than Other Traffic Types?

Alexa traffic generally has a lower daily limit than other traffic types because not as many visitors have the toolbar installed. So we have a smaller inventory.
However, if you find yourself receiving less than 50 a day, please contact us so we can speed it up.

Adult Traffic:

What is Adult Traffic?

Mature traffic or Adult traffic is geared towards sites that fall into the realm of ‘If you don’t want your kids seeing it, it goes here’.

How Do You Deliver Your Adult Traffic?

The traffic is delivered with a full page pop-under under the sites and domain names in our network.

Are there any restrictions for Adult Website?

While we welcome all Adult Traffic orders of any kind please note that we will not accept the following into our adult network.
Orders that contain sound.
Orders that contain frame breakers.
Orders that contain a java exit pop / exit loop (except worldwide).
Orders that depict underage persons or any other type of illegal content.

Please note that each country has its’ own laws governing pornographic material. Because of this geotargeting may be limited to exclude certain countries and regions.