Just a quick update:
”Select your own delivery speed – Plan how and when you want your traffic to be delivered.
Advance cPanel – Track the progress of your campaign in real time through cPanel. 
Manage your campaign – You can modify category or the url if you want to change it through our advance cPanel. So you’ll be in total control of your campaign throughout.”Very cool features provided by TrafficHeal service – my traffic has not finished yet, but so far correct delivery – real ”human” traffic…
Read the review in the forum here -> Link to Review Comments

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Here is my review:
User panel is friendly and you can see all visitor IP adresses.
I received 927 hits according to awstats. All visitors are geotargeted as seller advertised. Reffering site is anonym.to | Anonym surfen | link to other sites anonymously.
I can’t check bounce rate in awstats but seems this is real human traffic.
I don’t have conversion from this traffic but 1000 visitors is very low to test this traffic for conversion.
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WF Forum Member

Started receiving traffic last night, converting well with AdSense. The control panel for the traffic is great and very useful, will definitely be buying again in the very near future!
Online Marketing Head, Ultra Hair Styles

I am impressed with your service! I tried a lot other services but could not find a better than yous. Have to come back to you again finally. I will be using your services in the future quite a lot.I’ll suggest my friends too. Very good support and help!
Raghav Optimizer

Just wanted to say Thanks for the Quality service you have provided. Quality is one stuff which is hard to find these days with so many useless service providers online.
Jacob Castro
Online Seller

Our Company ordered 500000 Targeted Visitors few days back. I was skeptical at that time. But looking at your services and support that you have provided through out the campaign I have to really say THANK YOU.
The support and tracking were awesome. The quality of targeted traffic was also very good which in turn converted into more than 5% sales which we never expected.
Thanks again. We would like to work with you in near future.
Ryan Almonte
Sales Manager,BlueStone Group

Great Quality and Support through out.
Yuan Lee

Best Platform for Qualtiy Traffic at reasonable cost. I’ll refer the same in my forum and blog.
Dominique Martin

Hello TrafficHeal,
Thanks for your quick support and quality of service! We ordered 200K visitors for our online ecomerce site.
We received few extra hits 🙂 and the best part is 0.9% of it got converted. Thanks to you! We’ll be purchasing more package next month.
eCommerce site owner

 Tried this service out I can confirm that it did boost traffic as promised
Link to review comment in forum –> WF Forum Post
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